About me

Moin Moin as we say in the beautiful north, I am Simon and a real Hamburger young.


I always had the passion to capture things with pictures, already at an early age the pictures were realized with a Fuji Quicksnap. Over the years, I continued to develop my passion. At the age of 16, I discovered photography for the first time. At that time as a hobby for fun, I scanned the people and developed my interest in it very much further.

After photographing at parties for a couple of years with a digital camera, I focused specifically on EDM and Harder Dance Music events.
Already at the age of 18 I traveled to big events outside of Germany to Holland and Belgium. Blinded by the big events, with all their perfection with the great set design, as well as the phenomenal laser shows, I always had in mind to capture these events with "perfect" pictures, just as the festival photographers work. That was my goal. Even as I was private at these events, I grabbed my cell phone to capture personal memories but I quickly realized there is still room for improvement.

So I bought my first DSLR camera with lenses and flash and started for some German media sites at major events in Germany, as well as in Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Denmark on various events, such as Qlimax, Decibel Outdoor Festival. Defqon 1 Festival, State of Trance, Sensation White, and many others to capture the evening with the camera and had my fun with it.

Driven by ambition, I invested more and more in the equipment and the impressions became more and more meticulously touched and improved. I invested in a new, Larger Camera, as well as better lenses and flashes, just to get even closer to the "perfect image moment".

Since 2012, I work for myself and finally decided at the beginning of 2016 to become self-employed as a small business owner. I have already worked with various organizers and My ambition continues to drive me to further expand my former hobby.

In Spring 2018 I decided to update my brand with another milestone and named it "Samy Gee Pictures", still
under the Focus to continue to build out the horizons and lets see, where it takes me one day

Small selection of organizers, with whom I already worked successfully (PAID shooting)
- 4T Sound & Light Mätze Gerstenberg GbbR | Second Home Festival 2017
- ASR Event Service Ltd | Alarmstufe Rot
- NKN Events (DK)(Dänemark) | Hard Exposure
- Cubenord | Fabelhaft Indoor Festival 2017
- GOB Media | Bassline Tours Bustour Photographer
- Massive Dynamic UG (haftungsbeschränkt) | Raw District #3
- Media.One GmbH | 90er Bombe
- Millbrodt Events | Hardlok / House Society
- Musical Madness | Zatox @ Docks / Brennan Heart @ Docks | Gunz for Hire @ Docks
- United Music Events (CZ)(Tschechien) | Transmission Festival
- We Love Trance | House Photographer